6 Breast Augmentation in Singapore Myths Debunked

January 29, 2018

For a long time, women have grappled with confidence issues in their body. Advances in the cosmetic and plastic surgery have provided ways to resolve these issues in a safe and professional manner. Breast augmentation in Singapore is among the best in the world. Performed only by the best and most experienced plastic surgeons, you can be assured that you’re in safe hands.

However, nothing can stop myths and misconceptions from budding. Oftentimes, these are brought about by a misunderstanding of one or several aspects about the operation. Before settling on a decision of whether or not to go through with your operation, it is best that you ease your mind first from all the doubts by getting your facts straight.

Here are the five most common misconceptions about breast augmentation.

1. Breast implants lasting for life

Kansas had it right: “Nothing lasts forever, but the earth and sky,” and that includes breast implants. Eventually, implants leak saline or silicone. In some cases, a rupture occurs as early as a year from the operation, while in others no cases are reported until after 30 years. Rest assured that breast fillers in Singapore are of the topmost quality passing the most rigorous tests. The important thing is to follow through with your scheduled routine follow-up check-ups post-operation.

2. Breast lift and augmentation in one procedure

Having two procedures done in a single surgery is possible. However, risk for complications would be higher. If your plastic surgeon is worth their salt, he or she would advise you to not have both procedures done in one operation. Most surgeons would opt to perform the breast lift first, and then after you have healed, then the breast augmentation.

3. Scar-less surgeries

If you are undergoing a breast enlargement operation, scars should be the least of your concern. Any scar can fade, be covered up, or end up not being relevant at all. What is more important is letting your surgeon do their job in the manner through which he or she is most comfortable. Generally there are four incisions among which your surgeon can choose from: through the armpit, around the nipple, through the belly button, or below the breast. Trust your surgeon to figure out the best approach.

4. Same implants + same surgeon = same results

Breast enlargement in Singapore, although it is one of the best in the world, is not done through a template. One cannot expect the exact same results by just considering the implants and the surgeon. Although having quality implants and an experienced surgeon are big factors, a major contributor to the end results of an operation is the appearance and the condition of the breasts prior the surgery.

5. Implants and enlargement are breastfeeding hazards

There have been no studies or cases that breast implants or enlargement surgeries affect breastfeeding. Surgeons can use certain techniques so as to minimize interference with the nipple. These include inframammary (below the breast) or axillary (in the armpit) incisions instead of a periareolar (around the nipple); using a subpectoral implant, which means it goes under the muscles rather than under the breast (subglandular); and choosing a smaller implant.

6. New breasts means new lifestyle

Implants and augmentations are just changes to a single part of your body, which does not constitute your whole being. You can choose to stay exactly as you are before the surgery. However, and in most cases, the change in lifestyle is due to the patient’s newfound confidence!

Still having doubts? Contact your trusted plastic surgeon and communicate your doubts. In the end, it is your decision, so to avoid any regrets, get your facts straight.