Gas Leak Detection Equipment as an Important Safety Investment

October 30, 2017

We all have different priorities in life; we spend on different things. We buy stuff for aesthetics, leisure, education, passion and many more. But what concerns me in here is we tend to forget some important investment that we should all have for ourselves like things for our safety. I mean, if I ask you right now what investment did you have for your safety, what would say? I, myself, personally don’t have one. I don’t even have a single equipment for the detection of some possible leaks like water leaks or gas leak in my house. And I just realized it the moment I bumped into an article about some important safety equipment that should be present in our workplaces and we should have in our homes.

Aside from the fact that I already didn’t pay attention to the different types of danger that can be seen with our eyes, I tend to become guiltier about myself when I discovered that I also underestimated the harmful elements that is all around us just because we can’t notice its existence with our senses. For me it’s very surprising that is why I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And to cut all the bullshit, let me now officially start my point. I know after this, you wouldn’t be surprised why I do sound like a kid who was just born yesterday.

We live our lives separately. We go to different places and we’re exposed to different harmful elements. Some of the most common dangers that we know are pollution and radiation. We sometimes protect ourselves from them. We cover our nose when there’s someone smoking around us or if an old vehicle starts blowing dark clouds of smoke; we use sunglasses to protect our eyes from strong lights; and we use sunblock to protect our skin from the sun. Those are the simplest examples about what we are willing to do for ourselves when harm is present. But the thing is, we do nothing when we think it is not around.

Little did we know, harmful chemicals are always present around us. One example of this is methane gas which is also known as a natural gas. It is said that if you have a gas stove, there are about five to 15 parts per million of natural gas in the air inside your home. More than 30 parts per million crosses into dangerous levels of natural gas and indicates a faulty stove. With high levels of methane present in the air, there is a possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning inside your home without you noticing it. Every year, more than 400 people die from this odorless, colorless gas, and even a non-lethal dose — which hospitalizes 4,000 people each year. This can leave you feeling seriously ill, causing symptoms like dizziness, nausea, vomiting and chest pains. This is where having gas leak detection equipment comes handy to avoid such incidents.

Before, the idea of using gas detection systems only appeal to industrial companies, but now, this technology is as well recognized by businesses across industries and is recommended to be in our household. In fact, in Singapore, having a gas leak detector is part of the workplace safety guideline since it is very effective in keeping an area safe. Gas detectors can notify individuals whether a flammable gas or vapor is present around a specific range and triggers an alarm so all people can safely evacuate or leave for safety.

Another type of equipment which is also an essential safety investment especially in industrial work places is a viable particle counter. Viable particle counter is a device which is used to know how clean your critical environment is. It detects and counts the physical particles like microorganisms that are present in the area based upon either light scattering, light obscuration, or direct imaging. There are so many different types of particle counter in Singapore that you can choose from. You just have to identify first what you really need and then consult an expert so you can be guided in choosing the perfect safety equipment for your need.