Flabby or not, what you need to know about Breast Augmentation

November 12, 2017

Do you feel less of a woman with a flat frontage? Are you envious of women with big breasts? Girl, don’t be. You might lack some fats on that area, but you are nothing less like any woman has. Besides, if you really wanted to get a fuller breast, technological innovation will bring forth solutions for you.

Breast augmentation is one of the medical procedures that is available and widely spread in Singapore, which can enhance your breast by using tear drop implants or fat transfer. Professionals and scientists have developed several safe methods to increase the size and volume of breasts. The following are two of the most popular and widely-used breast enlargement procedure in Singapore.

Using either silicone or saline breast implants, these implants are inserted over or under the chest muscles through incisions of the armpits, areola (nipples region) or along the crease of the breasts. Implants vary in shape and sizes depending on your desired body shape and look. It is recommended to first consult with your cosmetic surgeon of the best implants that is suited to your body shape to get a quality and desirable breasts.

This method requires the use of fat tissue and transfers it to the breast. Unlike the breast implants, lipo filling procedure is a more natural and safe procedure because it uses fat tissue from the parts of your body like thigh or abdomen. Performed using a closed system known as lipokit, this procedure takes up at least 4 hours to complete.

As this procedure requires preparation for both you, the patient and the cosmetic surgeon, it is advised to first undergo series of consultation. Breast augmentation price in Singapore is a bit costly. Thus, aside from emotional preparation, you also need to be financially ready. Breast augmentation is an investment.

Are there side effects after the breast augmentation process? Generally, after the procedure, patients are required to take a few hours rest. Your cosmetic surgeon or medical staff will provide you specific instructions and guidelines to follow. It is advised to take these post-operation guidelines patiently and diligently to avoid complications. Tightness feeling or discomfort is normal post-operation side effects; so, take the medication provided. During recovery period, arm exercises will help relax your chest muscles. Bruises may occur but surgeons advised patients to visit again to review the healing process.

Still doubtful of the procedure? Take some time to review the following concerns of breast augmentation. These might help clear some of your anxieties.

Breastfeeding would not be problem as long as you talk this over with your cosmetic surgeon. Nipple incision method may cause damage to the milk glands, ducts and nerves that may lead to reduction of milk production. Again, talk to your surgeon as there are already few methods that can be done without damaging the milk glands.

The procedure won’t be painful as you will be under sedation and local anaesthesia. The surgery will only start after the anaesthetist is done with his/her job.

The procedure might leave a scar depending on the method of incision. Nipple incision is not preferable for breast implants as this may damage the milk glands. But should this be the method of your choice, you can put tattoo on the nipple color to hide the scar. Armpit incision, on the other hand, is a very blunt method as the incision point is farthest away from the breast and the scar will be hidden through the armpit. However, among the three, breast fold incision is the most preferred because it only requires short incision. The scar is unnoticeable and can lighten using laser removal.