Furnishing Your Room: Tips On What Furniture To Buy

January 24,2017

If you are one of those people who are fortunate enough not to share a room with your siblings or even sleep on the couch (because mom and dad did not think of making more rooms for their children when they started a family), you sure have the liberty to design and furnish it according to your taste. If you happen to be someone who just moved in a new place in the city, for work, and you feel the need to furnish your rented place, this is one good article to read for tips and ideas.

 Mikaela, who mostly got her pieces from an online furniture shop in Singapore, shared, “My bookshelf, desk, and sectional sofa were all from different online stores—and the great thing is I got big discount for them. I say, if your space is roomy enough, get a flattering curtain too. Paint it according to your liking, and make sure your bed is both stylish and comfortable. My room in the city is like an all-in-one place. I eat here. I read here. I sometimes bring work here too so basically this is my life. I make sure it is always tidy so I have the right tools and equipment to clean it weekly.”

 Zack, whose family owned a shopoffurniture in Singapore in the

‘90s, shared some tips he learned from his father, “You should think of the shape of your room before buying furniture pieces. You don’t want to clutter it with too many pieces. If for example it is triangular and would only have one side large enough to fit a queen sized bed, don’t buy wide furniture anymore. Choose narrow vertical ones to make the most out of the space you are given.”

 Phoemela, an interior designer, said that she has at least 3 furniture pieces that she looks for in a woman’s room, “Aside from the obvious which is the bed, a woman’s room should have a bedside table with a lamp, a display rack for whatever her collections and obsessions are (e.g. bag, make ups, book, etc), and a desk with a decent swivel chair because a modern woman often takes work at home too.” Phoemela added that there are a lot of cheap but stylishfurniture that can be purchased online in Singapore, too, “People sell second-hand and pre-loved items that are good as new, so you might one to try that out if you are on a budget.”

For June, an architect, a man’s room should always have, “A flat screen TV with quality speakers, a big, comfy bed, a nice wall painting. Men are mostly minimalist. We don’t need much ornaments. Just things we love. Maybe posters of cars or sexy women. But not every man does that. Maybe a nice leather sofa will be good too if the guy loves having friends around to watch some movies or play some video games.”

 Michelle, a mother of 3 little boys, decided to put some bean bags and nice curtains in their room, “The boys’ room faces the east so they can get pretty annoyed in the morning when the ray of the sun is kissing them too much. So, I got a really dark green curtain to protect them from the heat. My eldest requested for bean bags as they love sitting on them while they play video games. Maybe when they get older, I’d have to change everything. But for now, these will do.”