Two of Your Trade Show Essentials

October 13, 2017

Do you sometimes visit trade shows and get amazed by how unique different brands showcase their products and present their companies? Those huge colourful displays that entices you to check them out, those free standing display units and pop up display that are so attractive and so uniquely designed you want to know more about their product. Sometimes, products as simple as resealable food bags  become very interesting if presented creatively.

A pop up display and a free standing unit are perhaps two of the most important things you can bring in any event promotion. Without needing to hire people to construct your public promotional space, these might give you the same leverage with so much less manpower demands. A number of advantages can make you consider using free standing units and pop up displays. Singapore is seen to have developed a growing trend for these.

Pop up display. Zero hassle assembling. Sometimes, attending events, fairs, tradeshows, and exhibitions can be exhausting. In order for you to be able to bring in materials, you have to sign out endless forms and do the same in order to bring them out. With a pop up display, you just have to well, pop up the stand and voila! You are all set. Most of pop-up displays are built using a retractable components where all you have to do is pull the banner material from the bottom and plant the pole that comes with it on the hole in the base to keep it steady.

Free Standing Display Units. Free standing display units are shelves that can stand alone products displays, brochures, and other materials where customers can choose from. It serves the purpose of increasing the visibility of your product and augmenting the impact of your brand during purchase. With the right display and creative arrangement, it can help you present your brand in a unique manner, setting you apart from your competition.

One of the many benefits of free standing units is made of lightweight materials most of the time, but can definitely handle weight. This makes it ideal to bring along in various events or company activities, with the assurance that you will not need many people to get the setup done.  In addition to this, it amplifies your brand and your product through better visibility, it is easy to assemble and it reduces the period of negotiation during merchandise, and it attracts the attention of consumers.

If in any case you will need to ship these materials from one state to another, using paper pallet might go a long way. In the past, wood pallets are used for shipment of fragile materials but it has started to phase out due to the difficulties brought to it by both the sender and the receiver of the package with the legal compliances that comes along with it. Today, paper pallet is the thing—it is made from corrugated boxes, wood decks, and laminated paperboard and requires no compliances which reduces delay when shipping packages to foreign countries.