Why You Need Start Wearing Orthotic Shoes Daily

January 7, 2018

How do you take care of your feet? Our feet are working hard the entire day. They support our body and allow us mobility. When you experience pain on your feet, performing even the simplest tasks can be tough. Thankfully, though, there are food and ankle specialists that you can go to.

But you don't really have to wait for your feet to feel sore to start caring for them. By investing in good footwear, you can protect your geet from strains and injuries. Consider getting yourself a pair of orthotic shoes.

Benefits of Using Orthotic Footwear

Orthotic footwear is usually associated with shoes for the elderly. This is also one reason many shy away from it. But orthotic shoes, especially in Singapore, has already come a long way from when it was first introduced.

Design has improved and medical professionals continue to enhance its built and function.  Apart from that, podiatrists are also aware that patients have varying aesthetic preferences. Hence footwear that they recommend, either for casual, sports, or business use, are both functional and visually-pleasing. You also won't have to change your shoes entirely as there are custom orthoses available in podiatry clinics. 

Custom orthotics are insoles specially designed for every user. They're designed for daily use and can help treat various foot-related conditions, such as deformities, injuries, and flat feet. These types of orthoses are far from the commercially-available ones as they are true medical devices.

Depending on your needs, a foot specialist may recommend that you get accommodative orthotics. Accommodative orthotics helps protect diabetic patients or those with foot deformities. There is also the functional type of orthotics, that which is used to address musculoskeletal misalignments and foot injuries.

How the Process Works

Orthotic insoles are not your ordinary type of insoles. They're made for medical purposes. And only professional doctors and podiatrists are equipped to create them for you. Podiatrists are trained in using orthoses to help patients address a multitude of lower extremity issues.

When you come to a foot, ankle, andknee specialist in Singapore, the first thing they do is assess your lower limbs. If you have any other concerns, such as finding the best athlete’s foot cure, you can also take this opportunity to bring them up.

Now back to orthoses. You can't use someone else's insoles as they're customized according to specific patient needs. Joints in your feet are assessed. And your feet also undergo 3d scanning to produce accurate images. These images will then serve as the base template for your very own orthoses.

The process does not end there as podiatrists still modify the template to cater to any foot issues you may have, as well as your personal lifestyle and shoe preferences. While complex joint issues may require further medications or surgeries, using custom orthoses is a great first step to caring for your lower extremities.

Even if you don't feel any pain in your lower extremities, it's best to see a reputable podiatrist in your area. The more you need regular checkups if you're active in sports. You will need special insoles to keep your feet, knees, and even lower back protected from injuries. So don’t wait any longer. Book your appointment with a podiatrist today.